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I paint as often and as much as I can. I take classes when I can afford it, but the money usually goes to buy more art supplies. This blog is to share the results with you! I am a Work in Progress.

Dianne Lanning Fine

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Postcard from the Med. 7X10

These two are different versions of the same postcard photo. The top one is pretty accurate (including the laundry) but I can never leave well enough alone. These are watercolors on Arches 140lb C/P using Winsor & Newton Artist large pan paints.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lone Cypress 7X10 and Kayaks in Petaluma 7X10

Here are two more, now I am going to the studio to paint. There are more to post, but that still life on the easel is calling me! Love to all.

More of the Onions,

These are4X6 and 5X7. I see things others have done and I have to try them. The gray onion was an experiment in colors I don't use often. Watercolors.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Place to Think

This is an older watercolor, last fall.

Two new acrylics, Blue Study and Red & Yellow

Here are a couple of still life's I've done this week. well, I started Blue Study last Friday, but they are very recent.

Kitchen Line up

It's so nice to have patient models who work for nothing and don't fidgit!

Coyote Hills Sunset

Plein air again, at the park. This is a wetland preserve, an important stop on the flyway for migrating birds. It's acres of marsh and a couple of hills that look like they sprouted from San Francisco Bay.

Nauset Light 7X10

Ah Cape Cod again! This is a disused, but preserved lighthouse on Cape Cod. The view is from the road because you have to pay to get in and I had places to be. I finished it in the hotel room in the evening.

Cape Cod beach 7X10 more beach

This is more of the Head of the Meadow beach where I spent the afternoon.

Cape Cod beach 7X10

Sigh, last year in July I was on Cape Cod. What a great place to paint! This was the only beach I could find where you didn't have to pay a fortune to park your car. The only free beach I saw and there was plenty of room, too. It was lovely, I stayed most of the afternoon, the proceeded to Provincetown for dinner.

Napa/Sonoma Mt St Helena watercolor

7X10 inches. I re-measured it. This was late winter, the only time the hills are green. The pale that looks like sand is really fallow fields.

Coyote Hills Wildlife refuge, 4X6, watercolor

This was plein air. I pass near here on the way home from recording at Recordings for the Blind and Dyslexic on Fridays. Maybe I'll try acrylics next time, the watercolor dries very fast out there in the wind.

Mission San Rafael (CA) 9X12 watercolor

I'd love to be able to do all the California Missions. Maybe I will! Why not? I think I need a map. Maybe I'll paint Mission San Jose again. I wonder if I could do the mission at San Elizario, TX from memory? I worked at the theatre there right after getting my BA.

Onion - Yellow (or Onion 1) watercolor 5X8

This is closer to what I was attempting. There is at least one more somewhere. Maybe I haven't scanned it yet. It's a white onion.

Onion - Red 5X8 watercolor

Found one! This one leans toward realism. I was wanting to be more impressionistic and I didn't stop myself in time. Again.

Bell Peppers and cherry tomatoes 5X7 watercolor

A still life in rich colors, I wish I had walls in my kitchen, but it seems to be all cabinets. Somewhere I have several watercolors like this of onions. I'll see if I can find them.

Fuschia I watercolor 9X12

This is one of three. There are two small ones (5X7) done in the same style, but they are in a Gallery right now looking for a new home! I couldn't find the right dimension mat for this one or it would be with them in the same show,

Kitchen pals 5X8

This was a watercolor experiment in a limited palette.

Tuscan vicarage 6X9

Watercolor. The deep, rich colors drew me to this one. It's an old "found" photo. It really is a church and the farm house that seems to act as the priest home.

Autumn Bouq 6X9 watercolor

The color of the leaves was irresistible! It was a good study in liquid mask too. I'd like to try this again, next autumn!

QE I 6X9

Ah yes, the Queen. This is from a painting of the period. My version is watercolor and the edges of the shading look softer in person for some reason.

Southwest Pots watercolor 6X9

This is part of a series of three, so far. The other two are 4X6 and are already in a double mat. I forgot to scan them. Oops. Maybe I'll pull them back out and get them uploaded. I lived a long time in the Southwest too, and I start longing for the desert sometimes. I usually get over it. I'd still like to visit. Maybe I could take a class in Cloudcroft or something!

Christmas Dinner, 6X9

Watercolor. I keep working on that glass. I kept getting hungry doing this one.

Wailua beach 6X9

Another challenge. This one uses Google Maps. It's a sort of Virtual Paint Out, without the airfare. We used to use the word vicarious didn't we? Anyway, this was my first try and a watercolor. I like the composition, but the beauty of the water eluded me.

Yosemite in Autumn 9X12

It has a bit of an oriental look. Years of exposure I guess. I was born in Japan and we were in the Ryukyu Islands during all of my High School years and more. I am tempted to corp the bottom a bit. This is a watercolor.

Set my clothespins Free! 4X6

Watercolor again! Well, actually it didn't have a name. This challenge is from Rookie Painter and, while the palette is simple, the subject is decidedly NOT. I need to work on perspective and of course Glass (@$*&^#!) Once I realized it was finished and so was I, I just had to give it a bit of personality. Don't they look happy? The two on outside actually do have shadows, but they didn't scan well. (Excuses, excuses)

"Missing" 5X7

Found it! This one is also watercolor. It was sitting on this fascinating bit of bark, all by itself. it's little friend seems to be the one that's missing!

"Missing" ACEO 2.5X3.5

This is a tiny watercolor. I have a larger one to add as soon as I find it on my laptop, then you can compare them! This is a challenge picture.

A Pair of Pears 8X10

And another challenge. The photo had a dark gray background, but those who know me know I can never leave well enough alone. (Sigh) however these seemed so friendly and this soft blue just happened. Pears have so much form and color etc that they are like painting a character! These were on a marble surface and it was interesting to play with the patterns of grays.
Here is a recent "challenge" I tried in acrylics. It was a really interesting challenge too, as I hadn't tried glass in acrylic yet and there was the additional interest of the transparent liquid in the glass. I had the good sense for once to try the marbles on a scrap first. The nectarines were a delight, but I didn't get to eat them.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hi there!
This one is an ACEO. I'm doing the "Painting a day" thing (at least one) and I love it when someone throws an idea out there as a challenge, and in a recent email an there was a list of themes to do each week. The picture to the left is one I did a few weeks ago, but the other one is a Theme Week picture. Both are ACEO (2.5X3.5 original watercolors).

The one for this week was food and I just happened to be fixing breakfast and it sort of just smiled back at me. So this is a miniature result. I should have added in the pico de gallo I had with it, it was a nice color addition and tasty too! I'm learning all the time!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Well, I finally figured out how to upload a picture to the blog. However, I haven't figured out how to rotate the image. So there are two less than I intended. I had previously rotated and saved them, but that was undone when they up loaded to the blog page. I'm still checking the help pages.

Enough whining! The first image is a watercolor of Kilimanjaro for my nephew Chris, because he climbed it a couple of years ago.

The next one is a watercolor called Remembrance. It's a statue in a cemetery in the area.

The last one is an acrylic. I had just found "unbleached Titanium" and was fascinated by it's sort of parchment color. I also follow fellow blogger Rookie Painter, and this is the current challenge. It was perfect for the new paint!

Okey Dokey, I may get into this blogging thing yet. If only once a month. I have to paint now or I'll go into withdrawal!