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I paint as often and as much as I can. I take classes when I can afford it, but the money usually goes to buy more art supplies. This blog is to share the results with you! I am a Work in Progress.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Two New Gallery Shows


Bounty Basket
 These are pictures I've posted before but, although I didn't take very good photos of them (sorry, working on that), they are the ones in two shows in which I am participating at two local galleries: Green Shutters and Sun Gallery in Hayward, CA. Zoe (8X10) and Bounty Basket (12X16) are oils. The
Salmon Lily
Persimmon and Lac
 others are all acrylic. The lily is 9X12 and the Persimmon is 11X14, the others are 8X10. Here are the apologies: the squash picture as seen here is unfinished, I've fixed the shadow, really I have! And, the apple here is the watercolor version.
Autumn Squash
Autumn Apple
I just discovered I haven't photographed the acrylic version. Bummer. It has a warm brown background, less wishy-washy, definitely more contrast, lighter on the left and deeper on the right.
All these pictures finally got frames and the hanging hardware on them. Just in time to go into two new shows. It's been months, well, last year was the last time I entered a show. I've been try to build up a body of work so there is something to go when there is an opportunity. And the fact that much time is spent painting because I can't stop.
After all the prep work and delivering pictures and paperwork, today I have to do the mundane things. It's cloudy(foggy) so the yardwork gets done first.
Then I've got this great idea for a still life of some of my Indian pots and maybe a textile! Hmmm, let's see, if I drape it this way and the terracotta one from Grandma sits here, and the bowl... OOOPs, I have to prune the roses, no getting out of it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ACEO Supplies-Canvas Paper

This got scanned a little crooked, huh? Anyway.
Just curious, I got something called "canvas paper," in this case pre cut to ACEO specifications, 2.5X3.5 inches. It was a new substance on which to paint for me. Well, I was not particularly impressed, it tends to curl and buckle. That might be OK on a larger sheet, but on one this on earth do you hang on to it and try to paint?

I tried taping it down, but there is so little surface for the tape. Pins and tacks got in the way. You should have seen my fingers during all this! There was not much of a picture as a result. If anyone has any ideas on how to make it worth it to buy this size, let me know.

Much later, months later, I picked up the same little picture and thought I'd give it another try. The second time was better. I think mostly because the previous painting stabilized it. This little red door was the result. It's from a photo taken by my nephew while vacationing in Malta.

By the time I finished this one, I was paint to my elbows! The first time was worse.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Follow up from yesterday (Snoopy Dance)

Legacy, Thanks Mom 4X4 acrylic

Yee-haw! (left over from my Texas life) everything and body woke up fine this morning, including the printer! I'm a cookin'!

 Ah, now I'm back from computer concerns, this weekend was a plein air paint out at the Sunol Wilderness this Saturday. Since it's in my area, I've painted there before. It's a wonderful place, but you aren't allowed to park along the road that has the great views. You are welcome to hike there. Let me thanks. Sometime, when I have a lighter rig. Well, when I'm lighter too, and in better shape. It can get really HOT there in the Summer, but amazingly, after several days in the 90's and above, suddenly it cooled off to the 70's. Alas, I couldn't make it that day, so I went there after church and a visit to the Apple Store geniuses, and ended up taking lots of pictures. Results to come.

The little picture above was a Challenge from Daily Paint Works to paint the tools of the trade. My mom was a painter (violinist, singer, pianist etc) and I have some of her old paints and things. Since they are in metal tubes and are well used they are more "picturesque" than the newer ones. One even has the old, faded price sticker on it. It was an interesting challenge to get the modeling of all those folds and creases, and the lettering. Ever heard of Pictor paint? This was probably purchased in Southeast Asia. It's still viable, though. Thanks Mom!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Off topic, I suppose.

Autumn Apple

You've heard the saying "bite the bullet"? Well, I did, a couple of them. In doing so I learned some things. First, it doesn't matter that my dear old faithful PowerBook G4 laptop can't hold on to it's DVD/CD's any more. Poor dear. One of the "bullets" was that I ordered the CD to upgrade to Snow Leopard finally. I usually wait until the next version comes out, I figger by then they've really got them bugs out. This time, however, there was NO WAY they would let me download it. Now in the olden days when I had an OS problem (usually cuzza sumthin' I did) I could just tote it on down to the Apple Store and them thar Geniuses could straighten things out fer me. Well, no wonder there hadn't been any updates to the OS for the last three years (yes, I did notice). They tell me it's a hardware thing. This poor little guy doesn't have the Intel thingy. No more updates. That's why those error messages would show up about "architecture." So that's a no go.

However, they did refund fully what I paid for it since I couldn't use it. Lovely people! But I was OK with the new AirPort Express I finally purchased! I had tried a borrowed one but it had an intermittent problem. Don't you just LOVE those: "But honey, it does it every time I drive it, I am NOT just hearing things!"

It's a PLOT by masculine machines.

You're just being negative.

I am Not!

Ladies, Please!

Anyway, now the AirPort Express is all installed and working beautifully with the broadband, and the wireless printer is working too. Now, re-configuring that was an experience I don't want to repeat. For some reason it claims to be all configured and the laptop and printer are having cheery little conversations until I go to print to test it. Who is Bonjour and why is he in my computer? When configuring, why do they never tell you at any point it's OK to unplug the USB now? Why, ultimately do I always have to have my printer listed twice in order to actually PRINT? Is it a Word/Excel thing?

Ultimately: when I get up in the morning, will this all still work after I wake it up?

The continuing saga of woman and machine: to be continued.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day!

This is a Work-in-Progress, there wasn't even a set up for it. Or as one art instructor I know says "OH," or out of my head. Hmmm, that can fit more than one way.
American Color

 This is an 8X8 watercolor in honour of the Fourth. In all honesty, the flag drape probably looks improbable because it's pure imagination, as is the rest. The colors need to be more intense and the shapes firmed up. Looking at it this morning, with at least a little "distance" from it, I can see the lesson again that it is better to simplify, ie. do a few things well rather than a lot of things poorly. Ah, yes, it's brimming with mediocrity!
No, No, my fans and friends, don't say it

*crickets, crickets*

Oh, you didn't say it, so . . .  Anyway, that's why I'm considering it a WIP. Excuses: I was at the dining room table and grabbed some not-so-good watercolors that were nearby and started painting in and amongst the hot dogs. Remedies:

1. Keep better quality watercolors to hand.

2. Do more preliminary sketches.

3. Actually drape some fabric, if not the flag, then something with stripes.

4. GO TO THE STUDIO, THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE IT instead of more living space.

5. Be Prepared (Girl Scout Motto) Ah yes, this lesson, over and over and over and over and over, it must be learned.

Horses or My Little Pony

Now this one. This was a picture of some mustangs I found on the web. When I was a young girl I drew horses incessantly. This surprises few people. Even at that age, though, they came out looking more like mustangs than (sigh) My Little Pony. (This is sooo embarassing) No excuses, I need practice. I'll have to find out who the photographer is, I wouldn't want them freaking out. Somehow I've got to figure out a way to make the lower jaw of the sorrel lighter, right now it disappears into her back.

Seaside visit
This is about 5X7 and is here along the Pacific Coast. The rocks came out pretty good, I was surprised, I've been practicing (self-satisfied smile). Now it is all too evident that it's time to work on surf too. This needs planning. To do surf right, it takes masquing, and to do that right takes sketching, which means pre-par-a-tion. Oh yeah, that.

I still like the rocks.

My Pochade Box
Summer is here like gangbusters. Time for more plein air painting! This is my barely broken in Pochade box from Guerilla Painter.  There was no picture on the top, but it just cried out for one so, hence the butterfly. Then varnishe to protect the picture. This pochade is pretty neat, this is the "thumbox" model, and yes, there is a hole you can open in the bottom so you can put your thumb up through it to hold the box steady while you paint with the other hand. Something I have not mastered yet. I need more hands. And more forearm strength. Fortunately, these clever people also put a bracket on the bottom so you can screw it on to any camera tripod and you can have your hand back! Yahoo! Santa, I need a better tripod. The one I have works, but it can't be tilted at the top. No, I'm not spoilt, you've got almost 6 months.

Ah! the sun is out, the birds are singing, the Liquitex is packed in the pochade box, it's time to paint. The dishes (vacuuming, dusting, mopping, laundry, mowing, sweeping, pruning etc) will get done later. Ur, Uh, sometime.

How about a run to the Coast! It's an opportunity to practice painting surf. What good girl I am!