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I paint as often and as much as I can. I take classes when I can afford it, but the money usually goes to buy more art supplies. This blog is to share the results with you! I am a Work in Progress.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More than a painting a Day is called practice

Well, I've been doing a lot of watercolor, mostly for practice. I like the "Painting a Day" idea, but I missed a day and then did a lot more per day to catch up. The purple flower was from a while ago, but I did the eggs yesterday morning. The cantaloupe was part of this mornings breakfast and then the Copper Luster pitcher and lemon were later today. There were more but they were quite dismal. They will be good practice for trying to learn to fix things that JUST DON'T WORK! There is one of some wonderfully deep purple/blue grapes, but the leaves behind the cluster, awful blobs of weird color, there is a table scape from the Fourth that has no discernible perspective. I am also trying an acrylic version of the eggs, but I'll have to get two more eggs. The others I think will go under a faucet, no bad memories.

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