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I paint as often and as much as I can. I take classes when I can afford it, but the money usually goes to buy more art supplies. This blog is to share the results with you! I am a Work in Progress.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

It's been decades but I'm trying oils again!

 This is a re-work of a canvas that was probably 30 years old. The still life had been sketched, but never finished. It was time to try it again. You know, they are right, oils are the best. Since I was raised in a "waste not, want not" household I am using up all painting supplies I can get open. This means I am using up the old turp. Stinky, so I set up in a really well ventilated area. I am having such a good time with this!

 This is an acrylic. It's from an artist's challenge blog. It was irresistible! To get myself to use a wider range of colors I had prepared this background and when I saw the pomegranate it had to be on this ground
 This is a watercolor, just to keep things even. It's really just a study, but it was an excellent exercise in trying to get smooth lines. I need more practice.
The arch at the bottom is something else I painted on the bottom of the same large shape.
Here is a "do-over" the watercolor version turned out to have a slit in the paper I didn't notice until I was nearly finished. So I did it again in acrylics. I should have scanned it, there is quite a bit of "flash" when you try to photograph acrylics.

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