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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Tools, New models

I'm Baa-aack! I was house-sitting (and kitty-sitting) this last week. It was an opportunity to try out some new tools I bought (Moleskin 5X8 journal, Tombow Dual pens, Faber-Castell 8 set). Everybody was right about the Moleskin journal, no bleed through, good quality, handy size.

It is quite a while since I had the extended opportunity to sketch kitties from life, and I tried to make the most of it. These two are older, so they slept a lot, also very good for me. Most of the pictures probably look like balls of fur. If I got the fur right. The 1st ones are raggedy looking because I was finding my way with the new pens and getting to know Miss Rusty Ginger and Mr. Bubby the calico.
So here they are, the "all-levels" attempts"
My first attempt with the Tombow Dual pens. I didn't try the "blending" bit just yet, I was trying to get familiar with the kitties at this time. Miss Ginger is the rusty one, Mr. Bubby is the calico. I did him with the Faber-Castell pens, trying different sizes and tips.

 These two are Bubby napping. One is the early morning nap and the other is the mid-morning nap. I know, it's hard to tell sometimes.
These are water colors done at the kitchen table looking toward the backyard through the windows.
This could also be titled "Elevenses with Bubby" the tea cup lives on the window sill, but it looks a little like a tea break, right? Bubby is sweet and plump and loves to be petted, he also knows where the light shows him off at his best!

 This is Miss G on her favorite pillow in the living room. She is a tiny lady who was rescued. She had belonged to some neighbors that moved. As I understand it, they didn't abandon her, she got out and they couldn't find her, eventually they had to go. She tried living wild for a while, but it wasn't working out. Finally she was pretty frazzled and my friend was able to lure her in and adopt her. She checked out as still healthy, just in a bad state, and she has been coddled and petted until she is doing quite well now in her new home. She still likes to play, which exasperates Bubby a bit because he seems to feel beyond that sort of thing.
This is also with the Tombow Dual pens, using an aqua brush pen to blend and soften. I think I'm getting the hang of it somewhat.
This is a watercolor also done at the kitchen table. No cats this time, I was trying for the florals and this oval watering can. It was a gorgeous sunny day and the house was full of light.

Here are some more studies of Miss G with the Tombow pens. Origianlly I hadn't tried any blending with these but went back later and played with it a little. These poses were on the large round dog bed as she drifted off to cat-nap land.

 Two more of Bubby with the Fabe-Castell pens, no blending. He is a black and white calico so it works pretty well. I may come back and add the delicate pink inside the ears.
The same medium again. The eyes are surrounded with black, not white, but I was concerned about getting it too dark and losing the location of the eyes. For this it might be good to have some of the gray pens for hi-lights.

This is two studies. Bubby is one, of course, and the other is a potted plant in the living room. I didn't want to waste the page and I had no cats in view at the moment. These were the new .30 rapidograph.
Bubby Sleeping
 This was the Rapidograph too. I had a .25 I was learning to use. I loved it and treated it right. Except if you drop it and it land point first on the floor, there is no recovering it. The point broke off. My Bad. So I ordered this one and started in sketching right away. I got the whole shoott'n match too, the right ink, the disk for disassembling and the cleaning kit. It's worth it. I love this pen. The .30 is not noticeably larger in sketching than the .25, but it tends to scratch the paper less. Or I am learning how to use it better. Take your pick. Either way I LOVE IT.
 This is Miss G sleeping again on her favorite pillow up on the back of a chair. It's the new Rapidograph, of course. There is something calming about a sleeping cat. Miss G seems like a kitten because she is so small, but she is actually very much a mature cat. I refuse to say "old."

Studies of both
Here are both of them on the same page. I drew her on her throne-pillow, then there was plenty of room to do another of Bubby, too.

It was a great week, and plenty of time to practice on drawing from life. The pictures started out a bit ragged, but I was getting more pleased with them by the end of the week. It was sunny all that week, but this week is rainy, so I can't go out for the plein air dates I have on my calendar. However, after these rains the country side will be wonderfully green for a bit, and I hope to be painting outside a LOT!


  1. Une très jolie publication... avec les études successives de votre matériel et de vos minous qui se sont prêtés magnifiquement bien... de très beaux croquis remplis d'émotions.
    gros bisous

  2. Wow Dianne:) You're back indeed! You did a lot of catch up. And how cheerfull you sound. Love it. Love all the paintings/drawings you made. The cats are so cute! The first one is my favorite. It's painted so spontaniously. The watering can with the flowers is just beautiful! Brilliant to make such nice things with your new tools. Keep going:)

  3. Ciao Dianne, sorry, I don't understand english very well and the google's translation is J just see the images.
    Very nice this cat and the different positions make he on mouvement.
    (I used graffite acquarellabile, is like a gessetto to use with water)
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  4. I love the watercolors of the cats and the vase with the flowers is just gorgeous, such lovely and fresh colors!