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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Challenges are are a bit like taking a class,

Pyramids, Sepia Watercolor 5X7
This week's challenge at Daily Paintworks is to do a value study. I needed that. This is the first attempt, a little watercolor (5X7). It's from a color photo clipped from a magazine or catalog rec'd a while back. In the color version (which was about 3X3) the sky at the top was quite a deep blue, then faded to beige/blue about half way down. The farthest pyramid was essentially the same light blue as the sky, then they were progressively more sand colored, warmer and warmer as they got closer. Have to do that again. My geometry was off, not theirs, that was not the focus.

 To be serious a value study should be done from a still life or plein air to really train the eye. Well, my eye. It's true the best way to learn the values is to paint them in stripes or bars until I get them right. Wonderful exercise. Do I haffta? (a distinct whine there.)

Pink Tulips, watercolor, 4X10, from photo by L.A. Brown
This is my reward for trying the monochromatic value study. This is from a photograph in a recent email from A Day not Wasted, L.A. Brown, a great photographer. Hence this one is not for sale without permission from him.

OK, time to go over to Rengstorff House for their special celebrations today, have to put the bustle in the car then change in their parking lot. It rides quite well in the back seat, there is certainly no room for it in the front seat with me.

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  1. Beautiful Dianne! Thanks for sending me a copy to see. Glad you enjoyed the photo!