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I paint as often and as much as I can. I take classes when I can afford it, but the money usually goes to buy more art supplies. This blog is to share the results with you! I am a Work in Progress.

Dianne Lanning Fine

Saturday, February 16, 2013

OK, ketchup (LOL) time!

Swan 4X5 watercolor
I did this a while ago, trouble is I cannot recall the source. It was a photo, I think. Apologies and gratitude to whoever took the picture, I can't remember. (Embarassing.)

Last Flight 5X8
What a day, this was done while watching the Last Flight of the Shuttle on live feed. It flew all around Sacramento, so I was able to find a local TV station's feed from that part of the flight, then later went back to the broadcast from the escorting jets. Wow, I wish I had a pilots license.
Lunch at Applebee's 4X5.5
This was another treat. I took myself to Applebee's for lunch and dragged my kit in with me. These were the ladies at the booth near me. The one never got off the phone. And yes, that upholstery really does look like that.
Don Edwards Regional Park plein air 5X7
This was another Friday. I left out the city scape that is tucked in between the marshes and the hills. Artist's License in hand, we can paint what we want, right?
Roses 8X8
Again, a mystery source. I may have been watching a painting show on PBS, but I don't remember! Sorry. It was good practice of a technique I should keep trying. It's dated 2011, so I barely remember the fact that it was I who painted it!
Japanese Fountain 8X8
This I remember! Yeah! It was last summer at my brother's house. We were sitting on a wooden porch swing and it was very shady. It was my plein air kit, so I had trouble with the values, all dark. Lots of mossy areas too. The red/orange spot was a leaf floating in the bowl. The weeping spruce is too regular, I need to mess it up a bit.
Good Grief.
Major screw up. First, cheap paper. I got carried away and I was using a sketch pad so it's all wrinkly. I finally had to give up because it got too wet and I couldn't do any more on it. Maybe I should have stopped long before this stage! It was a bleak scene as I was watching a documentary on PBS.
  Then, of course, I forgot all about rotating the picture! It seems my H-P Photo(not so)smart C4580 refuses to talk to my new (2011) laptop. It will grudgingly print, but it won't even recognize the scanning function. No help on line. I had to resurrect the old (2006?) PowerBook G4 laptop to scan these pictures, put them on a flash drive and dump them on to the new one. What's up with that? (*&^%+#@$!) Such language.
OK, I should be grateful I have both, and that I can do it at all.


  1. Haha oh oh oh Dianne:) You always make me laugh with your posts. Never satisfied! And your paintings are so beautiful. Maybe you should try glasses? I think the painting of the Shuttle is very special! And very original! I love your painting of the swan. So nice. And your roses are so beautiful of color. Great job! Okay, I twisted my neck by looking at the last painting, but your mountains are wonderful.
    So no swearing anymore, you should be very satisfied!!
    Have a nice weekend:)

    1. Hi Renate, you always have good things to say. Thank you. I think if I want to do better at impressionist style, I need to leave my glasses off so it looks fuzzy to me. I think I owe the swan to David Lobenberg. His blog is in the list of blogs I follow. He is an amazing artist and he is in Sacramento, not that far away.(It's all relative.)
      The shuttle flight was so exciting, when they did the flyover of the Bay Area I ran out, but I couldn't see it from my house. If it had come a little later I might have because I had to cross one of the bridges.