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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Pancake Day and The Great Cinnamon Heart Hunt

Glass Heart on Lace - watercolor, 5X6
Actually, today is Shrove Tuesday. Which is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. (?)I first heard of this while living in Merry Old England. Suddenly there were all these adverts on telly about Pancake Day. They were for "Jiff", which confused me because here that's peanut butter. In England it is all things lemon. The Pancakes to which it refers are what we would call crepes. 
   Fortunately I was living with a group of wonderful elderly ladies that were a rich source of information on all things England. There is no better way to get to know a people and a country! I was full of questions and they were delighted to fill me in, we had great lunch time discussions. As a special treat Cook made pancakes for us for lunch!
   Shrove Tuesday is just before Lent, so to hold off temptation and not let anything spoil, this is the day all the rich stuff gets cooked and eaten. Hence Pancake Day. You make a stack of crepes, excuse me, pancakes, and get a bunch of lemons (this is what brought up the questions in the first place) and sugar. Castor or Superfine sugar is best. 
   Place a pancake flat on your plate, sprinkle it with sugar and then lemon juice to taste, roll and eat. Free style. Amazing! It really is delicious! Other popular toppings are berries with sugar or Golden Syrup. What's that? Well, it's not made from corn, so no Karo. It's similar to honey, but man made. It is a sugar syrup. So if you don't have a Cost Plus or other supplier of the unusual near by, use honey.
  Now for Valentine's Day. I'm going out after this to find those large cinnamon jelly hearts I love so much! After I've had my Pancake Day pancakes for lunch.
(Contented Sigh)


  1. Hello Dianne:) Not nice! The whole day I read other bloggers and you writing about pancakes. This means I'm hungry the whole day. Pancakes are one of my favorite meals. So thank you!. You made me drool all over my desk. My favorite topping is syrup but also like strawberry jellie. Hmmmmmmm. Your painting is lovely, beautiful red! Have a nice Valentine:)

    1. Hi Renate! I hope you got some pancakes, aren't they a treat? I did as I said I would, I left the laptop and mixed the batter. Then I made the pancakes, squeezed some lemons from my own tree, and had a lovely pancake lunch. I also had pancakes for dinner! No berries or jellies, so it was sugar and lemon, or honey. A sample of heaven. Now I need a salade.