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I paint as often and as much as I can. I take classes when I can afford it, but the money usually goes to buy more art supplies. This blog is to share the results with you! I am a Work in Progress.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ACEO Supplies-Canvas Paper

This got scanned a little crooked, huh? Anyway.
Just curious, I got something called "canvas paper," in this case pre cut to ACEO specifications, 2.5X3.5 inches. It was a new substance on which to paint for me. Well, I was not particularly impressed, it tends to curl and buckle. That might be OK on a larger sheet, but on one this on earth do you hang on to it and try to paint?

I tried taping it down, but there is so little surface for the tape. Pins and tacks got in the way. You should have seen my fingers during all this! There was not much of a picture as a result. If anyone has any ideas on how to make it worth it to buy this size, let me know.

Much later, months later, I picked up the same little picture and thought I'd give it another try. The second time was better. I think mostly because the previous painting stabilized it. This little red door was the result. It's from a photo taken by my nephew while vacationing in Malta.

By the time I finished this one, I was paint to my elbows! The first time was worse.


  1. I guess you have to paint it and cut it out after the paint is dry. Sounds like too much trouble to me. But, the door is adorable...pun intended! Great job on it. The color really pops.

  2. Hi Carol, Thanks. That's what I was thinking too. These pre-cut ones are more trouble than they're worth. That's what I do with watercolor, draw a rectangle with margins, paint it then cut it out. Great Minds!