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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Off topic, I suppose.

Autumn Apple

You've heard the saying "bite the bullet"? Well, I did, a couple of them. In doing so I learned some things. First, it doesn't matter that my dear old faithful PowerBook G4 laptop can't hold on to it's DVD/CD's any more. Poor dear. One of the "bullets" was that I ordered the CD to upgrade to Snow Leopard finally. I usually wait until the next version comes out, I figger by then they've really got them bugs out. This time, however, there was NO WAY they would let me download it. Now in the olden days when I had an OS problem (usually cuzza sumthin' I did) I could just tote it on down to the Apple Store and them thar Geniuses could straighten things out fer me. Well, no wonder there hadn't been any updates to the OS for the last three years (yes, I did notice). They tell me it's a hardware thing. This poor little guy doesn't have the Intel thingy. No more updates. That's why those error messages would show up about "architecture." So that's a no go.

However, they did refund fully what I paid for it since I couldn't use it. Lovely people! But I was OK with the new AirPort Express I finally purchased! I had tried a borrowed one but it had an intermittent problem. Don't you just LOVE those: "But honey, it does it every time I drive it, I am NOT just hearing things!"

It's a PLOT by masculine machines.

You're just being negative.

I am Not!

Ladies, Please!

Anyway, now the AirPort Express is all installed and working beautifully with the broadband, and the wireless printer is working too. Now, re-configuring that was an experience I don't want to repeat. For some reason it claims to be all configured and the laptop and printer are having cheery little conversations until I go to print to test it. Who is Bonjour and why is he in my computer? When configuring, why do they never tell you at any point it's OK to unplug the USB now? Why, ultimately do I always have to have my printer listed twice in order to actually PRINT? Is it a Word/Excel thing?

Ultimately: when I get up in the morning, will this all still work after I wake it up?

The continuing saga of woman and machine: to be continued.

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