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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day!

This is a Work-in-Progress, there wasn't even a set up for it. Or as one art instructor I know says "OH," or out of my head. Hmmm, that can fit more than one way.
American Color

 This is an 8X8 watercolor in honour of the Fourth. In all honesty, the flag drape probably looks improbable because it's pure imagination, as is the rest. The colors need to be more intense and the shapes firmed up. Looking at it this morning, with at least a little "distance" from it, I can see the lesson again that it is better to simplify, ie. do a few things well rather than a lot of things poorly. Ah, yes, it's brimming with mediocrity!
No, No, my fans and friends, don't say it

*crickets, crickets*

Oh, you didn't say it, so . . .  Anyway, that's why I'm considering it a WIP. Excuses: I was at the dining room table and grabbed some not-so-good watercolors that were nearby and started painting in and amongst the hot dogs. Remedies:

1. Keep better quality watercolors to hand.

2. Do more preliminary sketches.

3. Actually drape some fabric, if not the flag, then something with stripes.

4. GO TO THE STUDIO, THAT'S WHY YOU HAVE IT instead of more living space.

5. Be Prepared (Girl Scout Motto) Ah yes, this lesson, over and over and over and over and over, it must be learned.

Horses or My Little Pony

Now this one. This was a picture of some mustangs I found on the web. When I was a young girl I drew horses incessantly. This surprises few people. Even at that age, though, they came out looking more like mustangs than (sigh) My Little Pony. (This is sooo embarassing) No excuses, I need practice. I'll have to find out who the photographer is, I wouldn't want them freaking out. Somehow I've got to figure out a way to make the lower jaw of the sorrel lighter, right now it disappears into her back.

Seaside visit
This is about 5X7 and is here along the Pacific Coast. The rocks came out pretty good, I was surprised, I've been practicing (self-satisfied smile). Now it is all too evident that it's time to work on surf too. This needs planning. To do surf right, it takes masquing, and to do that right takes sketching, which means pre-par-a-tion. Oh yeah, that.

I still like the rocks.

My Pochade Box
Summer is here like gangbusters. Time for more plein air painting! This is my barely broken in Pochade box from Guerilla Painter.  There was no picture on the top, but it just cried out for one so, hence the butterfly. Then varnishe to protect the picture. This pochade is pretty neat, this is the "thumbox" model, and yes, there is a hole you can open in the bottom so you can put your thumb up through it to hold the box steady while you paint with the other hand. Something I have not mastered yet. I need more hands. And more forearm strength. Fortunately, these clever people also put a bracket on the bottom so you can screw it on to any camera tripod and you can have your hand back! Yahoo! Santa, I need a better tripod. The one I have works, but it can't be tilted at the top. No, I'm not spoilt, you've got almost 6 months.

Ah! the sun is out, the birds are singing, the Liquitex is packed in the pochade box, it's time to paint. The dishes (vacuuming, dusting, mopping, laundry, mowing, sweeping, pruning etc) will get done later. Ur, Uh, sometime.

How about a run to the Coast! It's an opportunity to practice painting surf. What good girl I am!

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