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I paint as often and as much as I can. I take classes when I can afford it, but the money usually goes to buy more art supplies. This blog is to share the results with you! I am a Work in Progress.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Presidents Day!

South Pasadena
Well, I guess I haven't done any presidential sketching or painting. Here I was thinking it could be interesting to find pictures of the great composers and conductors from the early twentieth century, like Toscanini, Rachmaninoff, ones who have actual photo's, and sketch from the photos. Old photos can often have strong contrast and these people usually have interesting faces. I completely forgot about presidents. Or was I avoiding? teddy was interesting, as were most of the Roosevelt's. Most were not interesting to look at. They lack the fire you get in composers and conductors. I should have some evidence of this claim inserted right here, but I haven't done the actual research yet!

On PBS last night was a Doc about Prince Phillip at 90. I was surprised at how interesting it was. No offense meant. I knew Churchill was quite a painter, I had no idea Phillip had an artistic side. They didn't show much, they probably never will, but what I saw was good. Churchill's style was like him, flamboyant, colorful, and Phillip's is his own, realistic, detailed, and good too.

Now that I think about it, I paint rather more like Phillip. Not what I wanted to realize. I love color, and there were times in my life when I was wild with it! Now I will do a painting twice sometimes, accurate first, to get familiar with the subject, and then I go back and let loose. Well, I let some what loose. It's coming. And now for something completely colorless. I pulled out the sketch book I've been carrying around for a bit and finally scanned some of the pictures:
 I've been trying out two new pens and they don't have waterproof ink, hence no color.
This is, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. The Bay Bridge is in such a state right now, I haven't wanted to sketch it.

Then below is one I did on a Friday afternoon on my way back from RFB&D. It's Coyote Hills Regional Park. There are acres of marsh, cattails, marsh grasses, reminiscent of way back when Concord had marshes.

 A lot of the time, whenever I get the chance, I sketch at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. This is one of the sights, some how the birds standing around looking bored near the "Lake Closed" sign seemed very worth a picture.
 Another day at Lake Elizabeth but with a storm coming in fast. I had to go sit in the car to get this one, it was already sprinkling where I was sitting.

 Ah, lunch out! I splurged at Texas Roadhouse. A "rugged" looking place. It's a little loud there, no soft surfaces to absorb sound. The peanuts are good and so are the steaks.
At Lake Elizabeth again. There was a variety of water fowl there, and some I couldn't identify. So I drew them all and checked on line. The main mystery bird was the American Coot. (@#*$) Sorry, I start chuckling every time. I guess I didn't know there really was a "coot" aside from the "old Coot" I'd heard all my life.
There was also that great crooked tree!


  1. Your drawings are wonderful! They have lots of personality. I really like the drink with the straw in it!
    Happy Drawing,

    1. Thanks Nora, I'm in a learning mode with pen and ink, I've been mainly graphite until recently. I visited your site and loved your work. What sort of pen do you use? I need something like that so I can add color washed without washing away the drawing.