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I paint as often and as much as I can. I take classes when I can afford it, but the money usually goes to buy more art supplies. This blog is to share the results with you! I am a Work in Progress.

Dianne Lanning Fine

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Eigth Day of Christmas...

Too much Martinelli's? Either the snowman or I did. One lesson learned is that, once again, I found it to be true that fountain pen ink is NOT waterproof. For Christmas I received some ink. One is Midnight Blues by Private Reserve, the other is Toffee Brown by Mont Blanc. Both are lovely colors, and wanting to try the brown in the Rapidograph, I cleaned it thoroughly and filled it with the brown. Some sketching on cream paper looked so good! Then I did a sad snowman on some watercolor paper and then painted it. Not good. The blue became purpley as it mixed with the brown ink. The brown lines began to travel and bleed. I lost all shadowing, shaping and all but a scant bit of the general outline. Then I tried fixing it. Bad to worse. What you see is what's left after trying to clean it up and get it to look like anything. Well, this is embarrassing. Please have pity and scroll down to the fireplace or the red berry wreath before leaving.
This is sad example of what can happen when one is not thinking, or simply is hopeless at drawing a snowman. I think I did better when I was Eight!

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