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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sweet dreams Jeanette,

Portraiture is something I've been chicken to try. Last week my friend Jeanette slipped away in her sleep and her parents I and a lot of her other many friends have been sharing our happy memories of time with her.
This felt like the right time to relive one of those times by sketching her. I had taken a photo of her that appealed to me to try to sketch. I took it last October when were goofing around in a nearby "Old Town" sort of place, Niles, CA, the true beginning of California's movie industry. We were across the street from the little train station which had recently been moved there to be more convenient, and refurbished to be more like Charlie Chaplin or Tom Mix would remember it. And Cecil B. DeMille! For pass through its portals they did. Most of the businesses are antiques shops, artisans studios and varying places to eat. We were planing on going to Thyme for Tea for a Victorian Tea this month.
Last month we went to the ballet to see "The Nutcracker," and dined out. She especially loved the lighted Christmas Trees they had on the down stage left and right aprons, but really looked forward to the up center tree that grows when the fantasy part of the ballet begins. It was a local production, but they did a spectacular job and we both loved it and talked about it for a long time afterward.
The sketch above comes out rather light in the scanner, but, as Jeanette's friend, I am very pleased with it. There is wonderful character in her face, you can see it in her smile. It really brings back that day and a lot of others.
So many people love you and enjoyed being with you, I know your dreams will be sweet, Jeanette.

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