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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Tenth Day of Christmas, (I know)

Apparently I can't count. Or I managed to lose a post between writing and saving.
Nutcracker ballet, W/C 5X6
Some dear friends took me to see The Nutcracker before Christmas. Between that and the various productions on Public Television, the images were implanted in my head. These ladies look rather like the ones from the Dance of the Flowers, but they were so tiny it was difficult to give them very many individual traits. Considering how much trouble the larger areas of the walls and windows gave me, it's a wonder they look human. The little touches of green that were washed into the floor under the tree to look like reflections don't read on the scanned version. Too timid there. That will be left alone, but I'm going to tone down the window frames, the white is to vivid for the picture.
This picture is dedicated to my late friend, Jeannette, who went to the ballet with me. You will always be remembered.

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